Data Sharing

In a world where every digital interaction is becoming a transaction, we at INNOPAY have experienced that governmental organisations, companies and individuals are exploring the opportunities and challenges of data sharing.

There are numerous opportunities for creating value from data sharing, such as by improving customer interaction through personalisation or optimising AI models by training them with a joint dataset from all competitors. These opportunities are multiplied by the emergence of new data sharing ecosystems, where multiple parties can share their data in a harmonised, privacy-friendly and cost-efficient way.

At the same time, there are several challenges related to ensuring mutual trust and privacy whilst sharing data. There are concerns about data sovereignty individuals, companies and countries or regions. As awareness of the value of data increases, people are demanding more control over their data from businesses and governmental organisations alike. And the growth in the use of third parties for data exchange and storage – such as non-European cloud services – means that nations and their citizens are becoming increasingly dependent on parties that do not necessarily share their interests or values. 

New questions call for innovative answers

These opportunities and challenges raise new questions, such as: What should be our strategy on data sharing? How can we initiate and further stimulate data sharing? How can we create value from data sharing and share the benefits fairly among everyone involved? And how can we ensure privacy and control over personal data?

At INNOPAY, we help organisations by asking the right questions and formulating new and innovative answers. Examples of our support include the development of strategies and use cases for data sharing, advice on the use of new data sharing technologies (e.g. privacy-preserving techniques) and guidance in the collaborative development of data sharing ecosystems (e.g. for AI development).



Data Sharing Expert Team

Maarten Bakker | INNOPAY
Maarten Bakker
"Data sharing is the battleground of the next decade. The ability to share data with others within an ecosystem or value chain will continue to give rise to new business models and products."
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Douwe Lycklama | INNOPAY
Douwe Lycklama
Founding Partner INNOPAY
"The next step in the evolution of our digital economy is towards the transactional internet, where success depends on people and organisations having control over their data. As a result, trust is shifting away from institutions towards infrastructure."
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Mariane ter Veen | INNOPAY
Mariane ter Veen
Director l Lead Data Sharing
"I believe in a world where trusted data exchange is the key to unlocking new business models and reducing costs. To enable this, we should strive for data sovereignty, which gives people and organisations control over their data."
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Vincent De Rijke
Vincent de Rijke
"Data sharing is a true enabler for innovating business models, scaling solutions and unlocking value for business and your customers. I believe that every company needs to have a strategy in place to make the most of the very real opportunities of data sharing."
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Ruben van den Goorbergh | INNOPAY
Ruben van den Goorbergh
"I believe that data sharing will spark innovation, cross-sectoral collaboration, and competition. This will lead to new business models and value creation that will benefit companies and individuals alike."
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Mariane ter Veen | INNOPAY
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