INNOPAY delivers report for Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate on impact of eIDAS revision

eIDAS report

INNOPAY has proudly announced the delivery of a comprehensive report commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The report, which focuses on the impact of the eIDAS (electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) revision on the trust services market, was published last week. 

The eIDAS regulation, established to ensure secure and seamless electronic transactions across EU member states, is undergoing revisions to address the evolving digital landscape. INNOPAY’s report provides in-depth analysis of how these revisions will affect trust service providers, businesses, and end-users in the Netherlands.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate entrusted INNOPAY with this critical task, recognising the firm’s expertise in digital transactions and its deep understanding of the European regulatory environment. INNOPAY’s extensive research and insights have culminated in a report that will serve as a valuable resource for policymakers and industry stakeholders who are navigating the changes brought about by the eIDAS revision.

“We are very proud to have had the opportunity to undertake this important project,” says Vincent Jansen, Vice President at INNOPAY. “Our team worked diligently to deliver a report that not only meets the high standards of the ministry, but also provides actionable insights for the market and government.”

The report is available in both English and Dutch, providing accessibility to a broader audience. For further information, the English version of the report can be accessed below, and the Dutch version here.

The publication of this report marks a significant milestone for INNOPAY, highlighting its pivotal role in shaping the future of digital trust services in Europe.

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