Data Spaces: are you ready for a whole new ball game?

Data Spaces will be the next frontier in digital transformation for Europe

In order for data to be gathered, made available and shared easily and transparently within national and international ecosystems of organisations or sectors, it is necessary to create trust-based ecosystems of data, so-called ‘Data Spaces’. A Data Space is the sum of all its participants – including data providers, users and intermediaries. Since Data Spaces can be nested and overlapping, organisations such as data providers can participate in multiple Data Spaces simultaneously.

The European Commission regards Data Spaces as having enormous potential if they are implemented in a data-sovereign way. It has therefore laid the groundwork for Data Spaces in the European data strategy. The aim is to strengthen Europe’s global competitiveness by ensuring that more data becomes available for use in the economy and society, while giving companies and individuals full control over the data they generate (‘data sovereignty’).

Adoption challenges

Although the potential benefits are huge, it can be difficult for companies and organisations to take the first steps. After all, the exact scope and impact of the upcoming legislation is still unclear, use cases can be vague and the business case is often not specific or the expected game changer. Besides that, many companies experience internal resistance because of perceived privacy and competition concerns.

How INNOPAY can help

INNOPAY has a long track record in this field and is currently involved in various initiatives related to the creation of Data Spaces. We can therefore help you to pave the way and realise impact for you and your organisation with our suite of Data Space services:

  • Inspiration & Discovery: prime your company and stakeholders for the upcoming wave of Data Spaces with inspirational workshops or real-life use cases. 
  • Decide & Initiate: develop your strategy and roadmap for how to drive participation in the development or adoption of Data Spaces
  • Design & Deploy: coordinate your involvement in Data Space initiatives or facilitate the co-creation of Data Spaces with your ecosystem participants
  • Manage & Operate: manage your participation in Data Spaces programmes or run a Data Space for the community
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