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We are a consultancy firm specialised in digital transactions. We help companies anywhere in the world to harness the full potential of the digital transactions era. 

We do this by delivering strategy, product development and strategy execution in the domains of Digital Identity, Data Sharing, and Payments. Our services capture the entire strategic and operational spectrum of our client’s business, the technology they deploy, and the way they respond to local and international regulations.

We have gone from strength to strength since our foundation in 2003 and operate from our offices in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Our head office is located in The Netherlands, where we have the #1 market position. 

We are a founding member of Holland FinTech, a financial technology hub with links to the rest of Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia. Our team consists of more than 60 experienced domain experts who regularly advise a wide range of global organisations.


Technology has dramatically changed the way we live and share information and how we do business. Organisations increasingly use technology to engage with clients, partners and stakeholders. Through continuous conversation, co-creation and two-way value exchange, organisations create new strategic advantages. 

As the digital transformation is accelerating, every interaction is becoming a transaction and new kinds of value - such as personal data, (access) rights, obligations, attention and reputation - form the basis of new business models.

We believe that only with trust – full confidence and conviction that the system will work reliably, truthfully and safely – it will be possible to reap the full potential of the digital transactions era.


That’s why we are committed to creating a world in which all people and organisations trust and use digital transactions. Our mission is to guide organisations worldwide to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital transactions era.


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Our values

At INNOPAY, we create success for our clients in the digital transactions era through our unique approach to the relationship. This can be summed up as ‘stronger together’ and is built on our four key values.
Customer Focus to understand and deliver on each client’s aims and aspirations
Forward Thinking to generate greater value
Ownership of the challenges our clients set for us
Collaboration to achieve the shared goals
Leadership team

What we believe in

Shikko Nijland | INNOPAY
Shikko Nijland
Senior Vice President
I’m very proud of the fact that we’re regarded as innovation experts in Digital Identity, Data Sharing and Payments.
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Douwe Lycklama | INNOPAY
Douwe Lycklama
Senior Vice President
One highlight of our work is that it has an impact on the lives of many people.
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Vincent Jansen INNOPAY
Vincent Jansen
Vice President
Working at INNOPAY for me is about helping out customers to create new and better products and services. 
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Maarten Bakker | INNOPAY
Maarten Bakker
Vice President
Maarten Bakker is Vice President at INNOPAY. With over 15 years’ experience as a business consultant, he is currently lead of the Data Sharing and Open Insurance domains.
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Mounaim Cortet
Mounaim Cortet
Vice President
Mounaim is a seasoned strategist who is fascinated by the nexus of business strategy and the growing opportunities of regulation, data and technology.
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