What is happening in Open Banking?

Innopay follows the developments of the Open Banking landscape with great interest. What is actually happening in the Open Banking landscape? Which banks have exposed APIs and what do they offer exactly? Through our Open Banking Monitor we share our insights and analysis with the community.

Open Banking Monitor

Have a look at our latest blog on the Open Banking Monitor! "Let’s take a moment to make up the rankings and identify potential new “Masters in Openness”"

In our previous release "Mastering Open Banking: How the 'Masters in openness' create value" we take a deep-dive in 4 core developer portal capabilities: API Catalogue, API Documentation, Developer Usability and Community Development. For the whitepaper version of our blog, please use the download button below.

Open Banking Monitor 2019

Which banks have been included?

Innopay's Open Banking Monitor assesses publicly available developer portals of banks. If your bank is not included in the Open Banking Monitor yet, send an email to info@innopay.com and let us know!

Launch of developer portals

When did these banks decide to start 'Open Banking' and go live with their developer?

Launch Developer Portals

Previous versions of the Open Banking Monitor

For the initial version of the Open Banking Monitor, refer to our first blog: Who are the Masters in Openness?