Why you need a Digital Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Combating data pollution

At INNOPAY, we understand the importance of combating ‘data pollution’: the potentially harmful effects suffered by citizens and businesses due to the presence of huge amounts of - not always accurate - data.

Consumers and citizens are increasingly making use of advanced services that require them to share their data with organisations. Coupled with this, however, is a growing lack of trust in those organisations to handle their data securely. This poses a real risk, because a decline in trust signals a worsening relationship between you and your customers and will reduce their willingness to share data with you. In the end, less data leads to less relevance, fewer customers and diminished business success. 

We are committed to creating a world in which all people and organisations trust digital transactions to fully embrace the opportunities of the transactional internet. In order to achieve that, it is important that organisations ‘care’ about the data they gather. 

At INNOPAY, we believe that every company has a social responsibility to contribute to solving the problem of data pollution rather than making it worse. That’s why we strongly recommend that you develop a ‘Digital CSR’ policy. Rather than merely complying with the applicable legislation, such a policy should be aimed at managing your digital services in a socially responsible way - in this case by putting consumers and citizens back in control of their data. Only then will you be able to start regaining your customers’ trust and rebuilding your relationship with them. Moreover, this will increase their willingness to share data, which will ultimately open up new business opportunities for you.

INNOPAY has a proven track record in creating trust frameworks. We have expertise in devising Digital Corporate Social Responsibility solutions that deliver value-added results.


With our integrated and collaborative approach, our goal is to accelerate data-driven innovation within organisations, industries and beyond with the aim of tapping into the true value of data. We regard a Digital CSR policy as an important step in the right direction.

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