Data Sovereignty Now

Data sovereignty and 'Soft' Infrastructure in Manufacturing and Logistics

In this live session, International Data Spaces Association and INNOPAY - both initiators of the Data Sovereignty Now campaign - explain what 'soft' infrastructures are and how they help companies and individuals stay in control of their data.

Data exchange across company boundaries bears enormous potential: Data-based business processes generate added value, digital business models unfold into new products and services.

Soft infrastructures are the prerequisite for decentralized data exchange. Soft infrastructures are made up of coordinated functional, technical, legal and operational agreements. Their interaction makes it possible for data exchange to be secure and self-determined: The data provider has control over who can do what with his data and in what context.

We call this data sovereignty.

We will illustrate data sovereignty with two practical examples from production and logistics: we will show you how a secure data platform brings customers and service providers together, thus enabling innovative automation services; and we will show you how secure data exchange makes transport processes transparent, thus accelerating logistics processes.

The live session will be held in German.

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INNOPAY supports the Data Sovereignty Now campaign which underlines the importance of self-control over data (‘data sovereignty’) by organisations and individuals