Opportunities and threats of artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? What are the associated opportunities and threats? And how important is the sustainable use of data? In our talk show on ‘Opportunities and Threats of Artificial Intelligence’, Ad Verbrugge discusses these and other questions with leading experts.  

The Dartmouth Conference in 1956 is widely regarded as the start of artificial intelligence (AI) as a field, which means that AI has been around for more than 60 years. However, thanks to new and more powerful processors, the pace of advancement has really gathered speed over the past decade. Websites use trackers and, thanks to smartphones, gathering location data is simple nowadays.

Many organisations are keen to ensure they don’t miss the boat. For example, numerous products – including cars – are already being fitted with smart sensors that are capable of capturing data for future AI purposes, and energy companies have installed smart meters in people’s homes. But what does all this mean in the context of data sovereignty and digital sustainability?

In this broadcast on De Nieuwe Wereld’s YouTube channel, journalist and philosopher Ad Verbrugge discusses artificial intelligence with two experts: Frans van Ette (AI Programme Director at TNO) and Haroon Sheikh (Professor of Strategic Governance of Global Technologies and a researcher at WRR).

This talk show is part of a series organised by De Nieuwe Wereld and INNOPAY on the topic of digital sustainability.

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