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Creating value with digital identity

We have now entered the digital transactions era. So although you might not even realise it, your organisation is already dealing with Digital Identity on a daily basis. 

Every time you exchange goods or services with other organisations – e.g. customers, suppliers or partners – your company is engaging in digital transactions. The main focus during a digital transaction is often on the data content: the value of whatever is being exchanged.

But the actors who are engaging with each other to complete the transaction are equally important… and that’s where Digital Identity comes in. Digital Identity revolves around answering three key questions: ‘Who are you?’, ‘Can you prove that you are who you claim to be?’, and ‘Now that we know it’s really you, what are you allowed to do?’ 

At INNOPAY, we provide consultancy services related to various aspects of Digital Identity, including:

  • Onboarding: Read here how to make a great first impression and establish the foundation of Digital Identity
  • Digital Trust: Read here how to establish a leading digital organisation by unlocking the potential of Digital Identity

INNOPAY’s approach

Digital Identity most importantly revolves around the actual identity that is represented by the digital identity, not just around organisations offering services to this identity. Combining consumer insights with business requirements INNOPAY approaches Digital Identity as a two-sided market, taking into account the importance of network effects and incentives for service providers in the network. Through co-creation, prototyping and other collaborative tools, INNOPAY brings together all relevant stakeholders for your situation and together design the best solution for all involved.

Our expertise covers all phases of bringing Digital Identity propositions to market: designing, developing, implementing and improving digital identity solutions. Whether you are a single business, a sector association or a consortium of public and private organisations, INNOPAY can provide consulting services for everything related to Digital Identity.

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