Digital Identity

The foundation of trusted transactions

We live in an era of hyper-connectivity where digital services form an integral part of people’s daily lives. Digital services enable us to work from home, stay connected with others, do online shopping and banking, manage our health data and so much more.

To facilitate these trusted transactions, people and their devices need to digitally interact with each other without friction and with sufficient assurance that these devices are indeed acting on our behalf. This requires trustworthy and interoperable digital identities for people, organisations and things that can be used in a multitude of contexts.

We help organisations navigate the complex and fast-changing digital identity landscape where technologies like biometrics, decentralised and self-sovereign identities offer opportunities to make digital services accessible and secure, while respecting the privacy of users. And where changing Digital Identity-related regulation (e.g. eIDAS, EU Digital Identity Wallet, AML, Wet Digitale Overheid, GDPR) will impose changing compliance requirements on organisations that will impact their operating model.

INNOPAY’s approach

At INNOPAY, we provide consultancy services related to various aspects of Digital Identity, including:

  • Onboarding: Read here how to make a great first impression and establish the foundation of Digital Identity
  • Digital Trust: Read here how to establish a leading digital organisation by unlocking the potential of Digital Identity

Through co-creation, prototyping and other collaborative tools, INNOPAY brings together all relevant stakeholders for your situation and together they design the best solution for all involved.

Our expertise covers all phases of bringing Digital Identity propositions to market: designing, developing, implementing, and improving Digital Identity solutions.

Whether you are a single business, a sector association, or a consortium of public and private organisations, INNOPAY can provide consulting services for everything related to Digital Identity.

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