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Today’s eCommerce and eGovernment landscape requires robust solutions for Digital Identity.Solutions for knowing your customers when creating accounts and issuing credentials and strong authentication mechanisms to recognise returning customers are introduced at a rapid pace. Regulation such as PSD2, eIDAS and the General Regulation on Data Protection accelerate the need for action and innovation in this field. The expected adoption of Open API and Open Banking will require new approaches and attractive services towards consumers and businesses.

Innopay helps government, corporate and collective clients with their Digital Identity strategy, product development and implementation. We support analysis and decision making while taking responsibility of the adoption, both internally and externally.

Digital Identity Offerings

Instant online contracting - Help EU businesses with online onboarding & contracting of new customers in a compliant or risk-balanced way.

eID Scheme implementations - Help participants & service providers to implement and comply with schemes like BankID (NL), eID stelsel (NL) & MyBank (EU).

Data protection compliance - Help EU businesses with customer data heavy services to assess their compliance with the Data Protection Regulation.

Online age verification - Help EU businesses to perform cost-effective and compliant age verification of new and existing customers. 

Innovation services

Our digital identity experts help EU businesses and governments with strategising their use or offering of digital identity services. We help envision, create and put together new innovative solutions and help corporate and government stakeholders to transform their organisations to optimally benefit from these new solutions.


We help our clients to define and plan effective strategies for growth, create a sound basis for decision making and provide clear direction to their organisation and its ecosystem.

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We help our clients to co-create new digital products effectively, develop their co-creation capabilities and become an platform for open innovation and collaboration.

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We help our clients to set-up and manage innovation programs, realise set ambitions and transform their operating model to be effective in the digital age.

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