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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is high on the national political agendas. MaaS is synonym for a variety of mobility initiatives that move car ownership towards consumable mobility solutions offered as a service. We believe that MaaS should improve convenience in multimodal travelling and reduce congestion on public roads.

MaaS solutions are currently developed and introduced to consumers by different operators and locations. This results in a fragmented landscape. To deliver the promise of MaaS, these initiatives should to be harmonised. This means that tools have to be in place to share data and services in an ecosystem. 

We developed a framework for Mobility providers and third parties to work together in collaborative setting and make agreements to fulfil the MaaS promise.



Strategy l Strategy development

We can help individual or groups of mobility providers in setting up a MaaS roadmap after assessing the opportunities, risks and business requirements based on thorough analysis

Product development l Solution design

Using our proprietary MaaS framework, we can help mobility providers and third parties design their MaaS solution based on the intended scope, business requirements and other guiding principles. We can use our Experience Lab for demonstration purposes. 

Implementation Support l Facilitation in a multi-stakeholder setting 

We are the perfect strategic partner for collaboratively developing a MaaS solution. We have a proven track record in facilitating collaborative innovation in politically complex environments where a balance must be found between cooperative and competitive domains. We have extensive experience in facilitating innovation in a multi-stakeholder setting through projects such as iDEAL, iSHARE and SimplerInvoicing. 

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