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Technological advancements are rapidly penetrating sectors – often unexpectedly – and causing digital disruption in some surprising areas. To stay ahead of the game, companies need to develop digital transformation strategies. However, many people find strategy development a little overwhelming. After all, it can be difficult to envision the ultimate, tangible value of what is usually a theoretical – and often confusing – exercise.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In the INNOPAY Experience Lab, we support your digital transformation strategy development process to give you peace of mind about its outcome.


In a still-maturing market, it is impossible to truly predict the end-user value of new opportunities arising from technological advancements or new regulations. Therefore, organisations often have no choice but to implement a strategy based on theory, right? Wrong!

The INNOPAY Experience Lab can provide valuable insights based on practical experience. So get ahead of the game supported by our consultancy and Experience Lab. Start preparing for the future today by developing a digital transformation strategy based on hands-on experience.


Our Experience Lab shows you the consequences of your strategy, both behind the scenes and from an end-user perspective. This enables you to create sustainable value in a customer-centric process, considering all the roles in the value chain. If your customers are to stay relevant to their customers, what will they need? Or how will your strategy influence your own customer-facing services? Fast forward to tomorrow and find out using our realistic model.


In our Experience Lab, we work with top-tier technology and standards. Hence, you not only experience your services in a true-to-life future setting but – if you decide to go ahead with your idea – you can also rest assured that your solution can be built with minimum time to market. This leaves you more time to take the latest market developments into account as you fine-tune your strategy, thus maximising feasibility. Thanks to the INNOPAY Experience Lab, your strategy development and implementation process will run as smoothly as possible.

We offer:

  • Proof of concepts (PoC)
  • Prototyping as a service (PtaaS)
  • Technology Consulting
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