INNOPAY launches Embedded Finance Radar

Unlocking value precisely at the point of need. That is exactly what embedded finance (EmFi) is about. EmFi transforms decoupled customer journeys into seamlessly integrated experiences within non-financial, digital platforms that matter in the daily lives of consumers and businesses alike. EmFi covers a broad range of financial products and services (e.g. payments, accounts, cards, lending, insurances, and investments) for different client segments (i.e. retail, SME, and corporate). EmFi paves the way for all actors in the Embedded Finance value chain (i.e. balance sheet providers, technology providers, distributors) to develop new business models, with the ultimate aim of enabling the best experience for end-users. 

Explore the future of Embedded Finance with INNOPAY’s EmFi Radar. Discover what financial products and services are being embedded, how industry verticals embrace EmFi value propositions, and the trends shaping the future of finance. The radar, presented as a dynamic poster, offers insights into emerging value propositions, overall trends and spotlights specific topics.

For a closer look and further inquiries, explore the radar now.  For in-depth insights and a strategic exchange on EmFi, reach out to Mounaim Cortet or Patrick de Haan.

Don’t miss out on relevant EmFi developments – INNOPAY has you covered!


Embedded Finance Radar

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