Considering APIs to drive new business? First understand what the techies are talking about

  • Tom Rijks Wouter van Schaik
  • PaymentsAPIEnglish content

Do you as a business person understand the lingo that techies use when they talk about API? It is crucial to understand each other in order to succeed when using APIs to opening up your business. Learn the lingo today.


Why the PSD2 regulation brings business opportunities for insurance companies

  • Mounaim Cortet
  • PaymentsDigital identityAPIPSD2English content

Although we know from experience that bringing in new regulations may sound daunting to many insurance companies, they occasionally also bring business opportunities. This blog provides strategic insights on the business opportunities that PSD2 brings for insurers.


Open Banking - Öffnung als zentrales Element der zukünftigen Bankenlandschaft

The first of a series of seven German blogs outlining all relevant aspects with regards to „Open Banking“ introduces the key technical concept of APIs and the degree of openness of APIs. The series is based on the Open Banking Information Paper “Understanding the business relevance of Open APIs and Open Banking for banks“, which Innopay developed in close cooperation with the EBA Association.


Bringing facial recognition alive: how to guard against spoofing attacks?

  • Josje Fiolet
  • Digital identityEnglish content

Facial recognition is an increasingly used biometric approach for identifying a person online. To become a secure system, liveness detection is needed that guards against spoofing attacks. This blogs shows an overview of available techniques and gives a first indication of its security and usability


EBA RTS: Three key business implications for bank decision makers

  • Mounaim Cortet Vincent Jansen
  • PaymentsArticleEnglish content

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published its long-anticipated Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on strong customer authentication and secure communication on 12 August. Core to the RTS is the development of adequate measures to address security challenges that emerge from enabling third party access to payment accounts for Payment Initiation and Account Information Services (‘XS2A’). In this blog Innopay’s PSD2 experts elaborate on three key RTS business implications for banks


First-hand experience: developing a blockchain solution to reduce double financing risks in SME financing

In our previous blog, Friso Spinhoven and Douwe Lycklama discussed the demonstration of ‘track & trace’ of invoices statuses for improved risk management in factoring accounts receivables. This blog reports on the development of a blockchain registry to cope with double financing risks


Healthcare transactions: can we treat patients like consumers or the other way around?

  • Josje Fiolet Maaike van der Meer
  • PaymentsArticleEnglish content

In this blog it is argued that today’s financial stimuli in the healthcare world can’t have the desired effect on behaviour of patients, as they differ to much from the stimuli used in the consumer world


PSD2: The digital transformation accelerator for banks

  • Mounaim Cortet Shikko Nijland Tom Rijks
  • ReportsPaymentsArticleAPIPSD2English content

In this paper - originally published in the Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems – Innopay’s innovation experts Mounaim Cortet, Tom Rijks and Shikko Nijland elaborate on four strategic options for European banks to react to PSD2.