How can your organisation benefit from cryptocurrencies?

  • Gys Hough
  • PaymentsArticle

Now that sensationalism regarding cryptocurrencies has died down, businesses start to look at the potential of the new phenomenon. If the transfer of value, costs related to trust, or increased automation of (digital) processes are important to your organisation, cryptocurrencies can bring practical solutions. Gys Hough asks three questions that reveal what cryptocurrencies could bring to your organisation.


Interview with Tom Rijks on payments as part of the marketing mix

  • Tom Rijks
  • Press Coverage
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Tom Rijks will speak at Financial Systems 2015 about how to sell more with payments. In this interview Tom explains how payments are an "unloved" part of the marketing mix (Dutch).


Secure Pay: immediate action required by Internet payment providers

On 19 December 2014 European Banking Authority published the ‘Final Guidelines on Internet payment security’. These guidelines cover generic security ‘best practices’ in the area of general control & governance, risk assessment, incident monitoring/reporting, risk control & mitigation and traceability. The most impactful part starts with section 6, on the topic of customer identification and authentication.


SEPA: Are we ready to reap the benefits?

With SEPA, the European payments landscape has been harmonised, which allows (amongst others) pan-european solutions for corporate payments. Such centralised solution would release liquidity currently locked in account structures and offer considerate savings in IT costs. However, most corporates have not yet utilised this centralisation potential. Why not? And how can corporates finally reap these benefits of SEPA?


Five Choices that Matter in Open Innovation and Co-creation

  • Shikko Nijland
  • Article

On the 4th of June, Innopay hosted a cross-industry breakfast session on open innovation and co-creation. Sixteen innovation experts from BNP Paribas, CogniStreamer, DNB, European Merchant Services, ING, KPN, PostNL, RBS, TransLink Systems, Van Doorne, YOIN and Innopay exchanged views on various open innovation-topics and were presented a case presentation of BNP Paribas and CogniStreamer.


Supplier Enablement: Corporates Should Strive Towards a Diversified Supplier Enablement Strategy

For the E-invoicing, Supply Chain Finance & E-billing Market Guide 2014 Innopay wrote an article on Supplier Enablement.
This article explores how a diversified supplier enablement strategy increases your changes of supplier adoption rates above 80%. It provides CPOs, CFOs and CIOs of corporates that are planning implementation of e-procurement or e-invoicing a best practice to become successful in their digital transformation projects