INNOPAY survey on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (trust tech)

trust tech

Organisations are increasingly facing a conflict of interests between data sharing and privacy/security. On the one hand, they are exchanging a growing amount of data with third parties – whether to develop new business models, improve their supply chain resilience, comply with anti-fraud regulations, or train AI models. But on the other, they need to ensure they fully protect the value and sensitivity of that data.

Trust tech could hold the key

Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs or ‘trust tech’) could hold the key to resolving this apparent conflict. This emerging technology enables data to be shared without privacy and security risks. 
But what is the awareness level of PETs among industry professionals? To what extent are PETs already being used in practice, and what are the obstacles? And for which data-driven business models and data-sharing purposes is trust tech most relevant and beneficial?

Baseline measurement of PETs

To gain a baseline measurement of this technology for the digital transaction industry, INNOPAY has designed a short survey. Please spare 5 minutes of your time to share your views and experiences, so that we can explore the potential of trust tech together.

To show our appreciation of your valuable input and to help you benefit from early-mover advantage, we will make sure that you’re one of the first to receive our analysis of all the responses.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies
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