Co-creation process removes obstacles to data sharing in the logistics sector

Amsterdam | February 13, 2018 - The Dutch division of INNOPAY – a consultancy firm for digital transactions – has successfully worked with organisations in the transport and logistics sector to co-develop the iSHARE scheme. Since the start of this year, this scheme enables everyone in the sector to share data with everyone else  – including with new partners – in a simple and controlled way. iSHARE is a Logistics Top Sector initiative aimed at stimulating supply chain collaboration, starting with the Netherlands in the first instance.

In June 2016, INNOPAY embarked on a project in conjunction with dozens of public and private-sector partners within the transport and logistics sector to develop a uniform set of agreements or scheme for identity and access management between organisations. Now that all the legal, technical, operational and functional aspects have been formalised and tested in practice, iSHARE will be launched shortly for everyone in the Dutch logistics and transport sector to use.

In line with the Netherlands’ commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, the logistics and transport sector must reduce its COemissions by 60%. In order to achieve that target, it is essential that supply chain partners work together even more intensively – not only with their direct business partners, but also with links further upstream and downstream in the chain. iSHARE removes an important obstacle in that process by making it possible to share data in a simple and controlled way.

INNOPAY was asked to oversee the co-creation process in view of its extensive knowledge and experience of developing schemes for the Dutch financial sector. iSHARE is aligned with INNOPAY’s vision of data sharing, in which data is shared at the source and data owners have full control over their data at all times.

INNOPAY’s CEO & Managing Partner Shikko Nijland: “We’re immensely proud of the result of the co-creation process. Thanks to their enthusiasm, energy and focus over the past 18 months, the co-creation partners have developed this cornerstone of the iSHARE network of trusted partners which will further improve supply chain collaboration by enabling everyone to share data with everyone else.”

The international roll-out of iSHARE will start later this year.

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