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On Thursday 28 May, we are organising a webinar on Mastering Open Banking. What are the latest developments? What are examples of best practices? And ...
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As of 10 January this year, the EU’s fifth Anti Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) has come into force in the EU. The new legislation imposes five key...
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As part of our ongoing commitment to privacy and data protection, we have amended the INNOPAY Privacy Statement to make it even clearer that we value ...
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Facebook wants to launch its own digital currency by 2020: Libra. The goal of this new global cryptocurrency is to create a financial infrastructure. ...
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The Dutch government is worried about the increasing influence of tech giants and is calling for a European approach to diminish their dominance. But ...
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In the next edition of the podcast series called De Technoloog (‘The Technologist’), Herbert Blankensteijn and Ben van der Burg – two journalists from...
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