European Union

Op 29 October, a European Parliament coalition of Dutch political parties – VVD, CDA, Groenlinks and PvdA – is organising a virtual conference on 'Updatet - The future of data', and INNOPAY’s Douwe Lycklama will be one of the speakers.

The European Commission is expected to present its Data Governance Regulation on 11 November this year. This law is aimed at stimulating data sharing between businesses, governments and individuals. Among other things, it will lead to the creation of data spaces, impose interoperability rules on public and private organisations, and define how individuals can make their data available for public use. This legislation will form the starting point for large-scale debate about data sharing. 

The virtual conference on 'Updatet - The future of data' is aimed at contributing to that debate. The event is especially interesting for Dutch experts from every corner of the digital sector. It will be held on 29 October from 16:00-17:30 h in the Dutch language.