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INNOPAY Office, Amsterdam

As the opportunities of data sharing are becoming apparent, data is being shared in an increasing number of industries. In the insurance sector, data is already being shared to enable use cases such as obtaining comprehensive consumer insights in pensions, signalling fraud, and obtaining market information. By obtaining access to external datasources (e.g. IoT or PSD2 data), insurers are able to develop new and improved propositions and optimise existing processes. The main challenge here is how companies and the industry as whole can organise this in a trusted and controlled way.

On 14 March, INNOPAY is organising a breakfast session to discuss this topic. We cordially invite you to join peers and experts in discovering and discussing the impact of data sharing on the insurance sector. During the session, we will mainly focus on three data sharing themes:

  • Sharing and leveraging IoT data
  • Embedded Insurance
  • Connecting to existing data sharing initiatives, also in other industries

This event is intended for experts in the areas of data, digitisation and innovation in the insurance sector. We look forward to your registration through an e-mail to (please register before the 9th of March) 

Date: 14 March 2019

Time: 08.30 - 10.30

Location: INNOPAY office, (Strawinskylaan 381, WTC Building Amsterdam Zuid, 3rd floor F-Tower)

Price: Free, including coffee and a light breakfast