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KU Leuven

In this year’s online edition of the Leuven AI Law & Ethics Conference (LAILEC 2021), the University of Leuven’s Centre for IT & IP Law looks at how AI and (cyber)security interplay, where they go hand in hand and where they collide. The conference aims to discuss the role of transparency, information sharing and resilience in the data and machine learning supply chains.

It will look at the phenomenon of automated platform censorship and the implications of fake news on (political) security. It will explore to what extent companies would be willing to devise collaborative mitigation strategies against competing interests over valuable data assets. It will ponder how vulnerability disclosure and the policy objective of transparency affect the exercising of intellectual property rights.

The conference also offers on 26 March a panel discussion about 'AI and Cybersecurity Transparency in the (European) Cloud: GAIA-X and beyond'. INNOPAY's Mariane ter Veen will be among the panelists.

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