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On behalf of ourselves and our partners, we are pleased to invite you to our webinar debate on ‘DataSovereignty Now: unleashing the benefits of data in line with European values’. The webinar will be held on 22 October from 14:00-15:00 h and is especially interesting for policy makers, regulators and other senior public officers in Europe.

It is the aim of the European Commission and local governments to unleash the full benefits of data usage for everyone in Europe in line with European values. Data sovereignty holds the key to achieving that.

It is a worthy ambition, but one that also raises a number of questions, such as what exactly is data sovereignty, how does it support European values, and how can organisations in the public/private sector help to accomplish this ambition? These questions will be addressed in the webinar on 22 October. These questions will be addressed in the webinar on 22 October by our two keynote speakers followed by an expert panel discussion.


14:00 - 14:30 h

  • Introduction by moderator Arief Hühn, researcher at FreedomLab, a cross-over innovation hub and campus at the crossroads of society and technology.
  • Eric Pol, founder of A New Governance, an international association that brings together public bodies, associations, academics, start-ups and corporates to help build sectoral data spaces in their governance and personal data dimensions, as well as the personal cross-sectoral data space.
  • Katryna Dow from Meeco, a global tech company that launched a world leading data independence platform for people. Meeco guarantees individuals choice and data sovereignty rights in the way they interact in the digital world and with the Internet-of-things.

14:30 - 15:00 h

  • Panel discussion featuring the following experts: Eric Pol, Katryna Dow, Jaana Sinipuro (project director at Sitra), Gerard van der Hoeven (director of the iSHARE Foundation) and Douwe Lycklama (founder of INNOPAY)

The DataSovereignty Now movement

Drawing on the many years of experience within our network of like-minded organisations, we have developed our own, practical vision of how European regulatory intervention can shape the future of the digital economy and reduce our dependence on the platforms run by the increasingly dominant international Big Tech giants. We believe that it is possible to create more room for innovation, fair competition and privacy without compromising on the availability and quality of interconnected services and staying true to the European Values. Structured and mandated data sovereignty forms the basis for this approach. We regard data sovereignty as functionally extending the rights that are already defined in the GDPR and as building upon European legislation such as eIDAS and PSD2.

Listen to our experts and join in with the discussion on 22 October. Register now!

On behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, consultancy firm INNOPAY, International Data Spaces Association, iSHARE, Platform voor de Informatiesamenleving, SAP, Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA, and University of Groningen