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Digital transformation is not about technology, it is about transforming the way you work – from the inside, out. It is about reinventing your whole business, your portfolio, your organisation and your processes. Therefore digital transformation can’t be siloed and allocated to individual teams; it requires a holistic, interdisciplinary approach. And in the domain of digital transactions you often also need other parties in your ecosystem, and perhaps even in other ecosystems.

Successful organisations realise that they must continuously optimise their performance by improving collaboration both internally – across all departments – and externally – with partners and even competitors -, for the benefit of themselves as well as their customers.

Collaboration by INNOPAY

At INNOPAY, we create opportunities and possibilities for cooperation throughout organisations and entire ecosystems, making collaboration seamless, secure and attractive for not just some, but all parties involved.

Boundless and non-zero-sum game thinking is in our DNA. At INNOPAY, you won’t find silo-based thinking. We have almost 20 years of experience with helping organisations and consortia to support and strengthen their competitive advantage through collaboration.

We’ve developed our own proven co-creation process for organisations that team up internally cross-departmental or externally in ecosystems that represent a whole sector. We call this the ‘Collaboration by INNOPAY’ approach.

This INNOPAY approach combines robust project management, stakeholder alignment, well-prepared co-creation sessions, clear governance, facilitation and guidance with our in-depth Business, Technology and Regulatory (BTR) expertise in the domains of Data Sharing, Digital Identity and Payments.

That’s what makes INNOPAY different.

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