Innopay Jorrit Penninga
Funktion: Manager

Jorrit Penninga is a Manager at INNOPAY. Jorrit is keen on helping organisations with innovation and digitisation in a multi-stakeholder context. He has an understanding of the business challenges, regulatory requirements and available technologies to drive the creation of value for organisations in the digital world. Jorrit is an enthusiastic and result-oriented team player.

His focus lies on tackling the challenges of the future and realising a positive impact on society for both individual organisations and consortiums. At INNOPAY, he has been involved in several multi-stakeholder innovation programmes about payments, data sharing and digital identity. He is also the lead of the INNOPAY Digital Identity team and has expertise in onboarding, eIDAS, Levels of Assurance and Self-Sovereign Identity. Jorrit holds a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management from the Delft University of Technology.



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