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A significant number of new customers are attracted and onboarded online. The onboarding process is the first interaction the customer has with the organisation, and therefore it should be rock solid. A well-designed customer onboarding process supports the mission and strategy of an organisation, and increases conversion.

Customers expect digital, relevant and fast onboarding processes; a seamless integration of services with their mobile devices. Other companies are setting the norm, and financial services can no longer lag behind. In a commoditised market, a well-designed onboarding process has become a key competitive advantage.

It is challenging for organisations to find the optimal way of offering their services online; they need to balance security, compliance and risk, while keeping a seamless user experience. Innopay can help organisations to solve this struggle. We know the regulatory requirements, what customers want, what solutions and techniques are available, and how to apply these to the specific situation of an organisation.

Onboarding Benchmark

Every quarter INNOPAY analyses the onboarding processes of retail banks. This results in a benchmark that reveals that smaller newer banks outperform their more established competitors. Read more about INNOPAY's benchmark here.

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At Innopay we believe that the onboarding process should be flexible and modular, to be able to adhere to the rapid changing requirements. Our offering is also modular. We can help you design your onboarding strategy, support with compliancy, select the right solutions and partners, and ensure your organisation is ready to support it effectively.



Quick scan
How is my current onboarding process performing? 



Regulatory overview
What rules and regulations apply? 



Partner selection
What solution and partner is fit for purpose? 


Optimisation process
How to increase conversion of new customers applying for my product / service? 



Innovative compliance
How to have a compliant process and still offer a customer friendly experience? 



How to come from strategy to a successful go-live and maintenance thereof? 


Onboarding strategy
How to ensure onboarding enables the corporate strategy? 



Risk assessment
How to manage risks associated with the process? 



Project expertise
How to ensure an Agile and adaptive change process? 

Onboarding Event 2018

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In November 2018 INNOPAY hosted the Digital Customer Onboarding event for the second time. During the event we discussed and jointly discovered how convenience and security can be balanced when (re)designing the onboarding process.

Program & Presentations

1 - Security & Convenience: two sides of the same coin - Josje Fiolet - INNOPAY
2 - AMLD 4 & 5 as catalyst for change - Maud Bökkerink - Bokkerink Compliance International
3 - Mobile Onboarding @ ING - Jasper Fortuijn - ING
4 - Results and input audience - Panel discussion

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