Mariane ter Veen
INNOPAY Mariane ter Veen
Mariane ter Veen

'We want to make sure that European values, particular data protection issues, are fully reflected in the way we treat data'

The European Data Strategy is built on a new approach to handling data. The EU hopes to play a leading role in the future of data security by making better decisions. INNOPAY’s Mariane ter Veen speaks in this edition of our Data Sharing Journal (#DSJ) with Yvo Volman, head of the ‘Data Policy and Innovation’ unit at the Directorate-Generale networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) of the European Commission. 

Yvo believes that Europe can lead the way because it is strong in areas of public interest. The European Data Strategy provides a new framework for handling data, based on the belief that individuals and companies should be in control of their data. This is built around ‘European values’.

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