INNOPAY paper on data sharing published in CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Data Spaces

This week, has published the paper titled ‘Harmonization Profiles for Trusted Data Sharing Between Data Spaces: Striking the Balance between Functionality and Complexity’ in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Co-authored by INNOPAY’s Bauke Rietveld and Vincent Jansen in collaboration with TNO, the paper explores what is required to enable interoperable data sharing between a wide variety of data spaces, in alignment with the EU Data Strategy. The paper was presented at the I-ESA 2022 conference earlier this year.

The ambition of the EU Data Strategy can be summarised as a ‘federation of interoperable data spaces’. Current data space implementations are already seen to have a wide range of architectures, frameworks and protocols. The Data Sharing Coalition and the NL AI Coalition Data Sharing Working Group have done considerable work to identify the concept of harmonisation profiles required for interoperability. Building upon this work, the paper presents a framework for structuring these harmonisation profiles. is a publication channel for workshops and conferences from the computer science and information systems domain.

Data Sharing
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