‘Digitalisation and the energy transition will have a huge impact on one another’


Although they see new opportunities arising from the ongoing digitalisation of the energy sector, many companies are also concerned about the safety and security of the digital infrastructure, the willingness to collaborate and the threat posed by the Big Techs. These are just some of the key findings from research into digitalisation and the energy transition conducted by De Nieuwe Wereld and consultancy INNOPAY. In a special broadcast uploaded to De Nieuwe Wereld’s YouTube channel earlier today, journalist and philosopher Ad Verbrugge discusses this topic with a number of experts.

Which opportunities and threats is the energy transition creating? Will the Big Tech giants overpower the energy companies? How important is collaboration? And what role should the European Commission play? In the latest broadcast, Verbrugge talks to Ben Voorhorst (operational director at TenneT), Maarten Bakker (partner at INNOPAY) and Mark van Stiphout (deputy head of the Research and Innovation unit at the European Commission’s energy department, DG ENER).

The broadcast on digitalisation and the energy transition is part of a series organised by De Nieuwe Wereld and INNOPAY on the topic of digital sustainability.

Watch the broadcast.

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