INNOPAY and De Nieuwe Wereld launch Digital Sustainability broadcast

Starting this November, INNOPAY is launching a monthly broadcast on ‘digital sustainability’ in conjunction with the online channel called ‘De Nieuwe Wereld’ (DNW).

The broadcast fits well with INNOPAY’s mission to guide organisations worldwide to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital transactions era. “The aim of this series of broadcasts is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and dialogue with our clients. We want to highlight key issues related to digital sustainability and their impact on the world of business and society in general,” comments Shikko Nijland, CEO of INNOPAY.

The monthly broadcasts will focus in particular on:

  • The challenges in today’s digital world (the concentration of power, privacy issues, innovation, competition, etc.)
  • The role of digitalisation in sectoral transitions (healthcare, energy, agri-food, mobility, education, etc)
  • How we can develop a sustainable, future-proof approach.

Other specific topics, dilemmas and focus areas will be added as the series evolves.

What does the Social Dilema teach about Digital Sustainability?
De Nieuwe Wereld

First episode (kick-off)

The first episode, in November, will revolve around exploring what is meant by ‘digital sustainability’. To kick off the series, we will discuss the recently launched documentary called The Social Dilemma. This documentary has made a big impression on a lot of people, which makes it an ideal starting for highlighting the challenges related to today’s digital world in a thought-provoking manner.

Additionally, parallels can be drawn with the more familiar concept of sustainability in the context of things like carbon reduction, environmental conservation and tackling pollution. In that respect, ‘digital sustainability’ can also be seen as an extension of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). What role should businesses play in this transformation?

Having laid the foundation in the first episode, in subsequent episodes we will then examine ‘digital sustainability’ from the perspective of more specific issues and socially relevant sectors and applications, including those mentioned in the first episode.

The first episode will be broadcast on 20 November.

Special guests

Hosted by Ad Verbrugge, the first episode will feature the following special guests: Marleen Stikker (Waag Society) and Douwe Lycklama (INNOPAY).

About DNW

DNW is an online platform founded in 2017 by journalist Paul van Liempt, philosopher Ad Verbrugge and David van Overbeek. The DNW platform brings together people from different disciplines and spheres of society to think about major changes that are taking place due to a combination of rapid technological advancement and globalisation.

Relevant links

The De Nieuwe Wereld YouTube channel

Clip of Shikko Nijland talking about the challenges and opportunities of the next phase of digitalisation on DNW on 20 April 2020

Clip of Douwe Lycklama talking about ‘digital sustainability’ on DNW on 13 August 2020

Input for the first episode

In preparation for the first episode, we are keen to hear your opinions on digital sustainability. We will use your input as the basis for discussion during the broadcast. Please spare us 2 minutes of your time to complete our poll.

Click here to go to the poll. Your answers will be treated anonymously.

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