German digital association Bitkom pushes for data sovereignty in the energy market


Yesterday Bitkom – Germany’s digital association representing more than 2,600 companies in the digital economy – published an article on data sharing in the German energy sector. In it, Bitkom called for a decentralised data-sharing infrastructure that is based on the design principle of data sovereignty. This appeal is a good fit with INNOPAY’s strategy to guide organisations worldwide to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital transactions era. Our aim is to create a world in which all people and organisations trust and use digital transactions and that persons and businesses get and remain in control over their data held at various places.

Bitkom advocates the digitisation of the economy, society and public administration. The association is pushing for the faster rollout of gigabit networks and digital infrastructure for energy and mobility, for trade, for smart homes and for cities and regions. A strong European digital policy and a fully integrated digital single market are at the heart of Bitkom’s concerns. 

Read the Bitkom article: 'Zielbild 2025: Datenaustausch in der Energiewirtschaf' (German content)

And read our white papers on the topic!

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