BNR Podcast: Everything transaction


In the next edition of the podcast series called De Technoloog (‘The Technologist’), Herbert Blankensteijn and Ben van der Burg – two journalists from Dutch business radio station BNR – talk to Douwe Lycklama, Founding Partner of INNOPAY, about the growing importance of data and the need for a new, ‘soft’ infrastructure to enable us to retain control of our data. The discussion is inspired by the book called Alles transactie (‘Everything transaction’), co-authored by Lycklama and named as Dutch management book of the year for 2019.

Lycklama explains that the internet is entering a new phase. In the ‘transactional internet’, data is the new gold and gathering data has become a serious business. As a result, we can enjoy some terrific – and cheap – services, but the flip side is the exertion of undesirable and invisible influence over large groups of people and the emergence of various privacy issues.

This podcast (in the Dutch language) explores an innovative approach to data which puts users themselves in control. This requires a new layer of ‘soft’ infrastructure created by standards and uniform agreements. Only then will we be in a position to safeguard digital trust between individuals, businesses and governments.

The podcast featuring Lycklama is available via the BNR l De Technoloog website from 6 June onwards.  

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