The European Data Governance Act from a data sovereignty perspective

Webinar on ‘The European Data Governance Act from a data sovereignty perspective'

Why is the European Data Governance Act (DGA) important in terms of how data will be shared in the future? How can data sovereignty be anchored in the DGA? And why is it time for some moonshot thinking in relation to data? These and other topics will be discussed during a live webinar on 25 May 2021 (from 15:00-16:30 CET).

In the 1960s, US President John F. Kennedy’s moonshot thinking guided NASA’s human spaceflight efforts and inspired a generation of Americans to exercise the freedom to choose their destiny rather than have it chosen for them. Now, the time has come for Europe to exercise the freedom to choose its destiny in terms of data. It is therefore important that policymakers and decision-makers include the right governance framework in the final version of the DGA.

The moonshot

Hosted by moderator Rikka Kampi of MyData Global, this webinar is an ideal chance to learn more about the role the DGA can play in the balance of power over data, the evolution of the digital economy, data sovereignty, data spaces and digital soft infrastructures. It is also your opportunity to engage in the discussion and participate in some moonshot thinking. How can Europe take a groundbreaking approach and define a radically different way of dealing with data in the future – a way that establishes trust, allowing people and organisations to share data effortlessly whilst staying in control?

The webinar programme

  • Setting the scene: Why is the Data Governance Act important for our future way of sharing data? By Viivi Lähteenoja, Senior Advisor at MyData Global
  • Why data sovereignty? By Katryna Dow, CEO and Founder of Meeco
  • What is a soft infrastructure? By Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director IHAN at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
  • Common European data spaces By Lars Nagel, CEO of International Data Spaces Association, and Douwe Lycklama, founding partner of INNOPAY
  • How can data sovereignty be anchored in the DGA? By Antti Poikola, Programme Advisor and Board Member at MyData Global, and Mariane ter Veen, Director Data Sharing at INNOPAY

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INNOPAY supports the Data Sovereignty Now campaign which underlines the importance of self-control over data (‘data sovereignty’) by organisations and individuals