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Team Data Spaces: https://dataspaces4.eu/

Take a deep dive into Data Spaces together with INNOPAY

As a public-sector organisation, you are increasingly facing issues such as open data, donating data, data altruism and data sovereignty (giving citizens control of their data). It is time to put data sharing and the topic of Data Spaces on the agenda!

From 1 September to 31 December we are offering you an in-house deep dive into Data Spaces. The INNOPAY deep dive into Data Spaces is a short yet effective programme designed to raise awareness, inform and inspire. It will give your employees solid basic knowledge and encourage them to further develop your data sharing strategy based on concrete next steps.


  • An intense and time-efficient series of workshops to raise awareness of all aspects of data sharing
  • Information about relevant EU regulations and their impact
  • INNOPAY’s experienced specialists will inspire participants to push the boundaries of data sharing possibilities, based on 2 or 3 relevant use cases
  • Use of INNOPAY’s 7 Steps to assess what your organisation can do next to give customers/citizens control over their data


  • An intake discussion with the sponsor
  • A series of workshops
  • A short read about Data Spaces, tailored for your organisation, including a description of the 2 or 3 data-sharing use cases
  • A blog (based on the short read) for you to publish on your intranet


Call Mariane ter Veen, Director Data Sharing & Public Services to learn more or make an appointment for a more detailed follow-up conversation.