Future of Payments
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Future of Payments 2022

The payments industry has not stood still in the past year. In fact, there have been some rapid changes in both supply and demand due to the dynamic market conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a number of payment trends. For instance, social distancing stimulated the wider use of digital, contactless payment methods.
Providers have started to develop new ways to connect with customers and offer them an easier and faster payment experience. Additionally, platforms are becoming more and more popular. However, these opportunities also bring risks, which is why improved cybersecurity is – and will remain – essential to ensure security.

This year's edition of the Future of Payments annual conference will focus on the key developments in the payments industry. During the conference, INNOPAY's Vincent Jansen will speak about 'The battle of the wallets reignited: How the EU Digital Identity Wallet opens up new opportunities for the financial sector'.

For more details and registration, go to the Future of Payments website.