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Invoices needed for payment and declaration (claims) are in many cases still exchanged in paper or pdf between the servicing company, customer and insurer. This leads to long payout times for all parties involved, high operational expenses and low customer satisfaction. On their journey to digital transformation and the digitalization of processes, a Dutch health insurer was aiming to serve their portfolio by offering them the most client-focused and optimized services. They acknowledged the need of their customers for more integrated digital (invoicing and declaration) services with instant claim and settlement for servicing party and customer. The insurer’s goal around invoicing was to create an end-to-end integrated automatic process where the customer had full control over the payment and was reimbursed for the insured part of his or her claim instantly.


INNOPAY was asked to help in designing a scheme for the instant processing and payment of claims. All this while allowing policyholders to pay for the received benefits and automatically file a claim in a standardized (machine-to-machine) format. Next to that, to get more clarity on the impact of the scheme, INNOPAY was asked to implement a Proof of Concept with relevant market parties (in this case real implementations of dentist software, POS terminal and processing parties).

Project Approach

INNOPAY was able to realize an implementation of a Proof of Concept with all relevant market parties within a time period of 3 weeks. Next to that, an industry wide scheme solutions was designed which insurers and software vendors could use as a start to implement the solution across the whole market. This pragmatic approach combined with extensive industry expertise and our business, technical and regulatory knowledge of digital transactions resulted in a clear strategy and roadmap for the insurer to take in their digital transformation journey.

Dutch insurer
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