Launch of Data Spaces Support Centre to build a more sustainable digital future

Data Spaces Support Centre

Last week saw the launch of the Data Spaces Support Centre. Funded by the European Commission as part of the Digital Europe Programme, the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) will explore the needs of data space initiatives, define common requirements and establish best practices to accelerate the formation of sovereign data spaces as a key element of digital transformation at all levels. INNOPAY is proud to be an associated partner of the DSSC and is eager to contribute to its ambitions, which are very much in line with INNOPAY’s own mission to create a more sustainable digital future.

Blueprint for data spaces in Europe

The DSSC will identify standards, technologies and tools to enable both the public and private sectors in Europe to use and share data across sectors. It will carry out comparisons in regard to sectoral requirements for security and access procedures, while considering sector-specific standardisation activities. The project will create appropriate conditions for building an open data ecosystem characterised by interoperability and mutual trust between all participants. The goal is to provide a blueprint for data spaces that comprises common building blocks for business, legal, operational, technical and societal aspects. 

Supporting knowledge transfer and resource sharing

To foster the adoption of common building blocks and standards for data spaces, the DSSC will contribute to knowledge transfer, resource sharing and active stakeholder engagement through activities such as a web portal, a helpdesk and toolboxes. It will also support the work of the envisaged Data Innovation Board aimed at enhancing the interoperability of data as well as fostering data sharing services between different sectors and domains. 

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