On a regular basis, Innopay publishes reports and articles about current subjects in the payments and financial services domain. Most publications can be downloaded for free and only require a registration of basic contact details. Please find our publications below.

featured: Mobile Payments 2013


The 2013 edition of Innopay's Mobile payments report bears the title 'Changing checkout' to reflect the impact that mobile devices and related technologies have on the retail checkout experience. Authors Alessandro Longoni and Monica Gaza aim to give a comprehensive and up to date overview of trends and developments in the mobile payments space. A highly suggested read for anyone interested in mobile payments.

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Supplier Enablement: Corporates Should Strive Towards a Diversified Supplier Enablement Strategy

For the E-invoicing, Supply Chain Finance & E-billing Market Guide 2014 Innopay wrote an article on Supplier Enablement.

This article explores how a diversified supplier enablement strategy increases your changes of supplier adoption rates above 80%. It provides CPOs, CFOs and CIOs of corporates that are planning implementation of e-procurement or e-invoicing a best practice to become successful in their digital transformation projects

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Cryptocurrency: Exploring a revolutionary technology

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a hot topic with both enthusiasts and detractors. This report provides insight into cryptocurrency and explores what can be expected in the near future. Based on a broad suite of interviews, Innopay consultants analyse the current state of affairs and project developments into the future.

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Final report Shopping2020

Today, the Dutch retail payment landscape is dominated by cash and Maestro (‘pinnen’), offline, and iDEAL, online. Both contexts remain largely separated, although they converge slowly. The expert group Transaction within Shopping2020 identified nine trends that are currently shaping the future of retail payments. Among them are the emergence of digital identities, convergence of channels and, for certain consumers, a stronger desire to protect their personal data. Based on the current state of affairs and trends, the expert group described and assessed four scenarios.
The scenarios are built along the axis of privacy and control by consumers and the number of payment services (/providers)

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Mobile Payments & Contexts: Changing Checkout

Mobile payments are changing the checkout experience. The payment interaction is now becoming a point of contact with the client, but the main challenge for merchants is how to best use the technologies available.

In this article we highlight the main differences between mobile payments in emerging and developed markets, how they add value to the checkout experience and how companies can learn from success stories in specific markets.

This article previously appeared in Cards & Payments Intelligence magazine in May 2013

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Innopay Movie 2013 | Putting the banks back together (movie)

What started as a joke has turned into a tradition. And this year the tradition lives on...Jake and Elwood are on a mission. They're putting the banks back together!

With SEPA, PSDii and Access to the Account, new challenges and opportunities arise. We believe both the competitive and the collaborative space are important when it comes to payments. That's why we put a call to action in our new year's movie with some help from the Blues Brothers.
Innopay wishes you and your loved ones all the best for 2014!

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