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For financial institutions, the primary customer relationship is essential in maintaining a profitable and future proof business. A well-designed digital onboarding process will lead to increased conversion, faster time to revenue and increased cross- and upsell. 

Technology has enabled innovation, but financial institutions are not using its potential to improve their corporate client onboarding processes. Current processes require a high effort from the customer and are costly and complex from an internal perspective. Often we find financial institutions struggling to strike a balance between security and convenience. 

INNOPAY can help organisations with their corporate onboarding process by providing insights in customer preferences, leveraging our onboarding experience in both retail and corporate banking. We enable quick results via our Experience Lab, showing how security and convenience are two sides of the same coin.

Corporate Onboarding Benchmark

The market for Corporate Client Onboarding seems to be less transparent than for retail onboarding. This is a pity as a lot can be learned from your peers. Therefore, INNOPAY is currently researching the current state of affairs of Corporate Onboarding processes. 

If you are curious to know how your onboarding process is performing, including in comparison with other players, fill in the INNOPAY Corporate Client Onboarding survey.

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At INNOPAY we believe that the corporate onboarding process should be modular and customer-centric. Generic building blocks allow for flexible processes that can be deployed for different types of products, customers, countries and channels. Our offering is also modular, enabling you to quickly deliver results tailored to your needs 


Quick scan
How is my current onboarding process performing? 



Regulatory overview
What rules and regulations apply? 



Partner integration
How to integrate solution providers?


Optimisation process
How to increase conversion of new customers applying for my product / service? 


Design & refine

Partner selection
What are suitable solution providers?


Execution & implementation  

Experience Lab
How to quickly deliver a working prototype?


Onboarding strategy
How to ensure onboarding enables the corporate strategy? 



Risk assessment
How to manage risks associated with the process? 



Project expertise
How to ensure an Agile and adaptive change process? 

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