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The Application Programming Interface (API) is more than just a technology. It is a game changer. APIs unbundle carefully built, integrated value chains of incumbent players. At the same time new value chains are created within weeks with minimal investment. A complete new competitive landscape is emerging with new players disrupting traditional value propositions and business models.

Opening-up and co-creating value with eco-system partners is an essential capability for businesses seeking to win in the emerging competitive landscape. At Innopay we help incumbent businesses such as financial service providers and insurance companies manifest their resilience, defend and strengthen their market position and stay ahead of competition by creating value with APIs. 

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We strongly believe that seven imperatives contribute to successful value creation in API business.


Seven imperatives

1. Standing out from the crowd with APIs - How can APIs be used to support and strengthen your business and retain revenues, long term? We help our customers to strategise their API business.

2. Developing realistic, profitable value propositions - How to select the best ideas and what API should be developed and brought to market? We help our customers manage the API innovation funnel using our API Portfolio management tooling.

3. Fast decision-making and agile organisation - What capabilities, roles, responsibilities, structures, control mechanisms and KPIs are needed to run a successful API business? We help our customers determine the best-fit organisation for their API business.

4. Winning sales and marketing strategy - How does sales and marketing work in open environments and how to bring products and services to market? We help businesses bring their API to market, transform sales and marketing approach, and get all commercial documentation including service levels and pricing in place

5. Employees embracing fundamentals of APIs - Can successful Open API business be created with the current workforce? If so, what needs to change? APIs force a shift in thinking, culture and behaviour of employees. Our approach enables employees to accelerate in the digital economy with new ways of working, shared values and performance metrics.

6. Co-creating value with eco-system partners - Who to partner with and how to generate ideas in collaboration with customers and partners? We help to develop the capabilities to set-up partnerships in and outside your eco-system and co-create products and services

7. Healthy balance between control and openness - How to mitigate the risk of opening up? Opening up to third parties brings challenges regarding security, compliance, and legal. Our legal and compliance framework enables businesses to meet the required standards.

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