icon strategy 01 232x232 Market and product assessment

Pursue most attractive strategic growth opportunities.

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Create value by optimizing the realisation of network effects.

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Enable confident decision making on vendors and solutions.

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Market and product assessment

Rapid technological developments are reshaping industries. Based on rigorous analysis and extensive industry knowledge we translate these trends into strategic implications for the client’s market & product portfolio. We support senior executives with a tailored and structured approach in finding, assessing, selecting and prioritizing the most attractive growth opportunities.

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Multi-sided platform design

Creating value with multi-sided platforms is about realising network effects. In the face of ever-increasing competition and technology-driven innovations, developing the right platform with the right value proposition and business model is conditional to drive adoption on all sides. Innopay has more than ten years experience in designing and implementing multi-sided platforms and schemes in complex multi-stakeholder eco-systems. We know what it takes to realise a winning platform!


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Vendor and solution selection

In the ever-growing complexity of today’s digital economy, businesses are increasingly facing the challenge of understanding their own needs and selecting the appropriate business vendors and solutions to obtain the required capabilities. We support senior executives with identifying key business requirements, making informed decisions on the right solutions and vendors and managing implementations to deliver anticipated results and meet strategic objectives.

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