Our vision on transactions and digital transformation

Everything Transaction

We help our customers by showing them how to navigate in this new world of digital transformation and move towards a data sharing economy. As new kinds of value beyond currency - such as personal data, (access) rights, obligations, attention and reputation - form the basis of new business models, we see that every interaction is becoming a transaction. As a result, the number of digital transactions will increase exponentially.


We believe that trust is the #1 enabler of these new digital transactions, just like with payments and identity transactions. Innovative propositions will embed new forms of trust, in order to create new value for customers.

The ‘lack of trust’ causes risks in the transactional environment. Organisations have difficulties with managing data and customers face more privacy concerns, because more data is widely spread over internet. We see an increasing number of security breaches and each breach has more impact on existing trust. And as trust is built with transparancy and availability information (data), we need to continue to protect data in order to safeguard trust.

Without the right ecosystem to collaborate, protect and share data, organisations are faced with increasing risks. We help organisations to realise their full potential in the new era where every interaction is a digital transaction and we help to orchestrate trust and mitigate unwanted risks.


Within these challenges, collaboration across industries and countries will be key. Together we need to build safe, uniform and customer centric ‘soft’ infrastructures and enable organisations to exploit the social and economic benefits of the data sharing economy.

As is good practice with the ’old’ digital transactions, like payments, in order to combat fragmentation, achieve a certain scale and maturity and to create trust, we need to work together to harmonise standards, rules and governance. This will result in new kinds of schemes (i.e. sets of agreements) for all sorts of functionality and data exchange, that help their participants and stakeholders to respond to the risks and opportunities of the exponential growth of the digital world.

Data sharing

Data is becoming the new oil. Companies use data to unlock new business models and reduce costs. This requires an open and collaborative exchange of data between an organisation, their partners, customers and competitors. 

In a world where everything is becoming a transaction, companies need to play a more active and inclusive role in their data sharing ecosystems in order to advance customer centricity. We serve our customers by helping them achieve the required level of openness whilst always ensuring that their own customers remain in control of their data. 

In data sharing, real business opportunities come from working together, even with competitors and previously unknown parties. As data becomes more valuable, trust is the central ingredient.



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