Functional, Technical, Legal and Operational agreements

Data? It's all about access

We believe that access to data, rather than the data itself, should be centralised. If parties agree on standardised ways to provide each other access to data – specifically on how to identify, authenticate and authorise each other – the data can remain at the source with no need to store them in (additional) platforms.

This negates the need for additional software solutions, and prevents further fragmentation. The shared way of accessing data allows all parties to continue providing data services through their preferred technology solutions, to create business value as they see fit, to increase service reach and conversion, and to minimise costs.

We have a rich history of being involved in the development of schemes including iDEAL, eHerkenning, Simplerinvoicing and iSHARE. The key to success is our inclusive style of development. By inviting parties to co-create schemes for the market and by the market, we ensure that agreements are highly relevant and supported by the sector.

Our knowledge and expertise of Functional, Technical, Legal and Operational domains ensures that agreements represent a balanced representation of stakeholder needs.

Schemes such as iSHARE fit perfectly with our vision on data sharing. As data becomes more valuable, we strongly believe that all data sharing is becoming a series of transactions based on the exchange of value. This means that our digital transaction expertise is now highly relevant across many domains and sectors.

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