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Gaining market share in the increasingly diversified and competitive FinTech market is the dream of many. But where to play and how to win? We help FinTechs with better insight in and understanding of the financial services sector and the strategic implications of key change drivers in the field of business, technology and regulations. With a thorough market assessment, we provide insight in the opportunities resulting from the FinTech state of play, including the competitor landscape and the needs of market actors.

We help with assessing what products and services to offer, or what the product-market fit is for current capabilities. By defining a strong value proposition to differentiate from competitors, what customers to target, and how to reach them, we enable you to enter the market in a successful way. Our pragmatic approach is always specified to the phase that you are in, whether being a small but fast growing start up, or an established player seeking to diversify its business.    



Product development l Product portfolio design and development

Those who last are those who have a customer centric offering and are able to adapt their services to the ever-changing market context. Our aim is to help FinTechs with setting up the strategic product roadmap and ensure an optimal product-market fit. We are keen on including the voice of the customer and follow the market closely via our benchmark studies to provide better insight in market standards and competitor offering. We reason from your unique capabilities, but place them in the context of the key change drivers in the financial services industry.

Implementation support l Operating model (re)design

Successful strategy execution is a key capability for sustainable growth and/or maintaining market position in the FinTech landscape. We aim to support FinTechs who are struggling to align their strategy and their daily operations and striking a balance between innovation and compliance requirements. Sometimes operating models are outdated and hamper the ability to quickly adapt to the changing environment. We help to (re)design the Operating Model, to allow for realisation of the set ambitions. We use the unique Crosslinx methodology®, where we approach the Operating model from an integrated, activity-based perspective. We help to set up a governance structure, define KPIs, provide a strategy dashboard and can support with the pragmatic implementation thereof. 

Implementation support l Licensing & regulatory requirements

Entering the financial services sector comes with all sorts of regulatory requirements. Often you need a licence to operate in the sector as a financial institution, such as when becoming an AISP/PISP or crypto service provider. We are experienced with such licence applications and embedding the regulatory requirements in the daily operations in a pragmatic manner, using the proven Crosslinx Framework®. Next to setting up the licensed business environment, we can help with a better understanding of the requirements and strategic implications of regulations such as GDPR, PSD2 and AMLD. Often regulation is seen as impediment to innovation, but we are keen on identifying the opportunities that arise from them.  

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