As data becomes ubiquitous, open source protocols will emerge to ensure data can be shared and used across industries. Various public and private entities will come together to create ecosystems in order to share data for multiple use cases under a common framework. For insurance companies to assess, manage and transfer risk, develop new services or to be able to reduce their cost base they need to become players in these ecosystems. 

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Open ecosystem data strategy: unlocking innovation at scale

Open, structured, and machine-readable information sources that are made available to others in open ecosystems will change the way how insurance companies are assessing, managing and transferring risk. New IoT business models, for example, can be developed at scale if insurance companies are part of these open data ecosystems. We can help insurance companies unlock their innovation opportunities by helping them to identify the opportunities and risks.

Consent infrastructure strategy

Good consent mechanisms where the customer is in control are especially important in an open ecosystem with numerous parties. It is increasingly common for data in open ecosystems to remain at the source. In other words, insurance companies and their partners have to pass through a digital gateway or ‘portal’ in order to access data, and they can only do so with consent. We help insurance companies to develop their consent strategies, so they can remain relevant in future open ecosystems.

Co-creation of insurance schemes

Adopted industry standards on, for example, (meta)data, consent mechanisms or digital identity will enable industry wide cost reductions and innovation opportunities. To realise this, we help organisations and associations to develop industry standards that are adopted with ease. We do this by delivering results fast in political complex environments, using our reference models and blue prints that we rapidly tailor to your specific situation.

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