Customers should be able to access services quickly and trigger data exchanges between ecosystem players (e.g. account information, travel preferences, travel and transaction history) to generate optimal travel options at all times. The start of this process is an optimal onboarding. This should be done based on a verified identity of the customer. The verified identity makes customers able to authenticate and access their data. Whether players can actually use personal data requires a form of ‘digital consent management’. Digital consent management allows customers to control who can access what personal data and specify these access rights, preferably in a centralised dashboard. 

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Onboarding strategy

Convenient and fast onboarding to services is essential for to mobility providers. The onboarding process is the first interaction the customer has with the organisation, and the basis for all client related processes onwards. We can help organisations to solve the struggle. We know what solutions and techniques are available, and how to apply these to a specific case of a collaboration or organisation.

Solution design

Using proprietary, proven frameworks, we can help mobility providers design their solution based on the intended use case, business requirements and other guiding principles. We can use our Experience lab for demonstration purposes. 

Vendor selection

We help mobility providers in analysing requirements, asking the right questions and guiding an RFI and RFP phase and selecting the suitable partners. Our work is supported by in-depth knowledge of different solution providers which are part of our network. 


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