Customers expect digital, relevant and fast interaction with their companies; a seamless integration of services with their mobile devices. Insurance companies face challenges in cross-product, cross-channel and cross-event onboarding in combination with a large customer base for which there is no digital interaction. Moments where customers are (digitally) interacting with their insurance company and have to identify or authenticate themselves are a moment of truth. The onboarding process is the first interaction the customer has with the organisation, and therefore it should be rock solid. A well-designed customer process supports the mission and strategy of an organisation, increases cross- and upsell, allows for tailored risk differentiation per product and reduces operational costs. 

At INNOPAY we can help finding the optimal way in offering online services, balancing security, compliance and risk, while keeping a seamless and relevant user experience.

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Onboarding process design 

A company-wide shared and modular onboarding flow will enable insurance companies to seamlessly help its customers across channels, products and events. Well designed and modular building blocks for onboarding customers at sales could be reused for instance for processes of getting existing offline customers online, facilitating access to the online portfolio, and making claims under their insurance policy. We have a pragmatic approach to design the onboarding process for insurance companies, working together with different departments and taking into account all relevant aspects.

 Architecture design

To allow for cross-product, channel, customer and event onboarding an architecture that supports this dynamic process is needed. We can help design this architecture, develop the technical roadmap and help insurers implement. This can be supported by our Experience Lab where proof of concepts with different vendors can be developed.

Onboarding solution and vendor selection

New technologies across the various steps in the onboarding process allow for a seamless user experience while remaining a secure process. At INNOPAY we help insurance companies analyse requirements, asking the right questions and guide an RFI and RFP phase and select the suitable onboarding partners. Our work is supported by in-depth knowledge of different solution providers which are part of our network. 



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