Innovative propositions will embed new forms of trust

Digital trust as a competitive advantage

Digital trust is the number-one enabler of the digital transactions era. People and companies need to have confidence that an organisation (or platform) will handle their data securely, reliably, honestly and safely. When it comes to data, most organisations have so far been focused mainly on compliance and risk management. At INNOPAY, however, we believe that they should take things much further and work on their ‘Digital Corporate Social Responsibility’ (Digital CSR), which offers many exciting opportunities for creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

We are entering a new era in which everything is becoming a transaction. New kinds of value – such as personal data, access rights, obligations, attention and reputation – form the basis of new business models. But trust is the cornerstone of this evolution, as it maximises relevance for customers. Without trust, it will be impossible to reap the full potential of the digital transactions era. Therefore, it is essential that organisations explore innovative propositions for embedding new forms of trust in order to create new value for customers.

At INNOPAY, our mission is to support organisations by providing strategic yet pragmatic solutions. We help them to orchestrate trust and mitigate unwanted risks.

How can INNOPAY help you? Some examples of our services: 

Strategy l A collaborative digital trust strategy

Digital trust is a journey. We help you to ensure you have the right digital trust strategy in place to build digital trust capabilities and reap the long-term and sustainable benefits. We can also facilitate collaboration with your ecosystem partners by establishing a digital trust coalition so you can achieve even more together.

Strategy l Digital identity strategy

To be effective as a digital organisation, you need a clear view of your digital services, data assets and the digital identities of your customers and other stakeholders. The right digital identity strategy gives you a better understanding of your customers, enabling you to develop better and more valuable services for them. Moreover, it proactively mitigates the risk of data loss or fraudulent transactions. Therefore, our approach involves the entire digital identity value chain – from onboarding and KYC activities and determining the trust levels required for your digital services, to identifying innovative issuance of means and identifying the latest and most seamless authentication options available. We then help you to design an actionable digital identity strategy and draw up a clear roadmap for implementation.

Product development l Internal capability assessment

We support you in the development of new, secure data-sharing services, starting with analysis of the risks involved (both internally and externally). We then help you to develop the necessary functionalities and processes to mitigate those risks. Needless to say, we ensure that you comply with the security requirements of the various regulators (EBA, DNB, UK FCA, etc.) at all times.

Implementation support 

We put our money where our mouth is: you can depend on us to turn your digital strategy into reality. We help you to develop a digital product roadmap, and ensure that you have the right people, the right tools and also the agility to get things done. If desired, we can also help you to evaluate and select the best technology vendors, design a data security management framework to extract insights while keeping data secure, and/or develop digital identity solutions to reduce friction and build trust.

Implementation support l Vendor selection

Technology and vendor selection can be a real pain. A sound validation process should be based on a holistic set of requirements to accelerate implementation and increase ROI. Our approach accelerates programme design and solution selection, de-risks delivery and shortens the time to value (TTV).


Organisations are increasingly interconnected in today’s digital world. Collaboration is key in order to create digital trust, optimise data security, add value and unleash the full potential of data sharing. At INNOPAY, we are unmatched in our ability to facilitate digital trust across multiple organisations, industries, consortia and jurisdictions.

With our integrated and collaborative approach, our goal is to accelerate data-driven innovation within organisations and beyond, to unleash the true value of data. 

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