Every digital interaction is becoming a transaction

Every transaction. Secured.

As the digital transformation is accelerating, so is the dependency on technology and data. New technologies as cloud, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence are important drivers of the digital transformation, making protection of the digital landscape increasingly complex. At the same time, security and privacy are often managed in an old-fashioned way, using methods and approaches that are blocking business initiatives instead of enabling them.

We believe every digital interaction is becoming a transaction. The exchange of information between two parties has value, enabling new business models that need to be safe and secured. This requires a risk-based approach, where the utilization of technology, people and processes is balanced against the risks.

Our goal is to help organizations with innovative security and privacy solutions to mitigate these risks within their appetite and regulatory requirements. This often requires re-thinking of solutions and challenging the interpretation and definition of security and privacy requirements.

Our services

Open Banking Security Strategy

In the banking and payments industry, we support clients with the preparations of PSD2 and open banking security requirements. In addition to access to the accounts, there are many requirements parties have to consider. We help organizations design their roadmap to become PSD2 compliant and design a secure open banking strategy.

Cybersecurity Innovations

Our security team is at the forefront when it comes to security innovations. By working on the latest innovations and in close collaboration with high-tech partners, we are able to bring the latest innovation in cybersecurity. In addition, we actively participate in European research programs to develop and test the latest technology. The only way for organizations to stay ahead of hackers and to protect the ever-expanding attack surface is to innovate and automate security. We are passionate about helping organizations find new solutions to make security better, faster and scalable. 

We work closely together with international partners to develop new innovations to secure digital finance backends with new penetration testing based on artificial intelligence.

Identity & Access Management

The digital transformation demands a more seamless way to conduct a transaction, get access to information, approve transactions and provide consent for third parties. However, as the pace of innovation accelerates, there is often a mismatch between the needs of an organization and what is available in the market. This is where we can help. Our specialists support the full value chain from requirements capture, market analysis and management of the procurement to overseeing the implementation. 

Security & Privacy

The EU has imposed stricter rules on the usage and protection of personal data. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has laid out strict penalties for non-compliance. Many organizations have identified their critical data and assets, but now need a program to keep this up to date. We support companies by evaluating their current security controls and help innovate the process to comply with this regulation. 

Agile Security and automation of DevSecOps

As most organizations have adopted agile software development, the approach to securing the end product changes. Driven by the need for fast development and continuous deployment, the security focus is shifting in the development lifecycle and organizations benefit from automated testing and reviewing processes.

This requires a new approach to security assurance: Security by design, by embedding security expertise in your DevOps teams. It also requires new tooling, revising the definition of done and empowering developers. We support organizations on the journey adopting DevSecOps by making security part of the SDLC process.


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