Insurance companies are facing new challenges and are in the process of digital transformation, creating openness, in which customers are in control. Yet, all of this must be achieved in a secure manner, eliminating cyberthreats as much as possible, from strategy to execution.

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Cyber scenario cost estimation

At INNOPAY we help insurance companies and their customers assess and quantify the impact of the top cyber risks. We leverage our in-house developed cyber risk cost framework and collaborate with your specialists from various disciplines (i.e. IT, Operations, Finance, Risk, etc.) to estimate the costs of a cyber incident scenario.  During a final workshop we will work through your top cyber risk scenarios and assess all likely costs associated with the specific scenarios. This will inform action on how to accept, mitigate or transfer cyber risk for the organisation.

Cyber insurance product development

Cyber insurance cannot protect organizations from cybercrime, but it can keep their business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur. As cyber risks are increasing new cyber insurance products are a new opportunity for insurance companies. We can help develop cyber insurance risk frameworks and service propositions to execute on these opportunities.

Cybersecurity academy

By participating in our Cybersecurity academy, you and your team will have a good basic understanding of the most important concepts of cybersecurity. On top of that, the INNOPAY academy will help you and your team to collaboratively develop solutions for your specific challenges.

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