A digital mobility ecosystem

Demand for mobility is expected to increase the coming years. Personalised mobile propositions and seamless end-to-end commuting stimulates productivity, healthy work-life balances and even earning capacity. The better mobility is organised, the more effective people, organisations and societies work.  

INNOPAY believes providers should collaborate in digital ecosystems to incorporate their services and develop (better) mobility propositions. 

Collaboration of mobility providers in a digital ecosystem

In a digital mobility ecosystem incumbents, mobility providers. data providers, retailers and third parties collaborate to provide seamless multimodal travel options. 

The aim of these collaborations is to develop new business models, to innovate services and to decrease mobility inefficiencies. Players can integrate existing propositions to improve interoperability and provide more personalised travel options. The more ecosystem players work together, the more convenience in multimodal travel propositions can be achieved. 

Realisation of interconnected mobility

We can be your strategic partner for realising interconnection in the mobility ecosystem. Besides extensive experience in realising growth in a digital mobility ecosystem, we have in-depth knowledge of the unique dynamics of the mobility sector through involvement in the Dutch PTO payments innovation program, where we are a strategic partner.

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